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Control Your Grow

The most environmentally sustainable and energy efficient cultivation system for indoor cannabis.

‍Adaptiiv is a single-solution company that manufactures the three most critical components for indoor cannabis cultivation – Liquid Cooled LEDs, HVACD, IoT Facility Control Platform (SAAM), and provides an array of design and full MEP engineering services from load calculations and facility layouts, through system start-up and commissioning. 

Our next generation of fully patented and integrated system is engineered and designed for indoor commercial cannabis cultivation. Our flexible system is designed to meet any environmental operating parameters and set points our clients require.

Tech Collection

Our Products

Our individual components drive market-leading performance, power, flexibility, and control

Liquid Cooled LEDs

The patented AGT1000 and AGT640 are the first purpose-built indoor grow lights with full spectrum and intensity control. Designed to provide the canopy the exact spectrum and DLI required to maximize yield, quality, and terpene profile - while delivering the perfect balance of power and efficiency.

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Dehumidifying AHU

The patented AGT Dehumidifying Air Handler (DAHU) units combine Dehumidification, Cooling, and Supplemental Heating into a single unit. Our built-in energy recovery module, combined with our integrated liquid cooled light system, provides unparalleled environmental control and efficiency.

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IoT Facility Controls

System Automation & Management (SAAM) is the industry’s first true industrial IoT controls platform - SAAM is a full facility management system integrating environmental controls, BMS, and seed-to-sale. SAAM allows owners and operators to consolidate their entire cultivation facility under a single platform.

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Highly Integrated

Adaptiiv's Fully Integrated System

The most efficient and controllable thermal dynamic design for commercial indoor cannabis cultivation.

Innovative Liquid Cooled LEDs

The Liquid cooled light-loop removes up to 90% of the light waste heat from grow environment - significantly reducing the overall cooling load (sensible load).

The light waste heat is captured and can bere-purposed for both dehumidification re-heat and supplemental heating in grow rooms (lights off). Additional waste heat can be used for ancillary space - significantly increasing overall system efficiency & reducing heating infrastructure.

Energy Efficient Dehumidification & Cooling

Our built-in energy recovery module (air-to air heat exchanger) utilizes the warm ambient temperature of the grow environment and a deep cooling process to optimize dehumidification and cooling in your grow environment.

This process alone reduces up to 40% of the total cooling load and 65% of the dehumidification reheat process.

IoT Facility Controls Platform

SAAM controls every mechanical, electrical and plumbing component in Adaptiiv's integrated system to automatically target and maintain VPD, Temp, RH, CO2, fertigation.

As your environment changes throughout the grow cycle (plant size, light intensity, water usage etc.), SAAM will automatically provide each component of the system specific operating instructions to maintain the set-points.

This is made possible through a complex array of both in-room sensors, IoT enabled equipment, proprietary PID loops, and cannabis specific algorithms.
Total OpEx Reduction
Compared to traditional HPS/HVAC
HVAC Energy Reduction
51% Total CapEx
Highest Incentive Captured
Total CapEX
293.59 kWh/Canopy
Estimated Annual Energy Savings
Compared to traditional HPS/HVAC
UNrivaled Energy Efficiency

The Adaptiiv Advantage

Adaptiiv has a proven track record of capturing the highest CapEx incentives in the cannabis industry (up to 51%). We are able to capture the most points of savings for an indoor cannabis cultivation system (heat recapture from LEDs, heat recapture from the Chiller Plant, built-in energy recovery module, VFD fans, VFD pumps and high efficiency chiller plants, free-cooling in winter months).  

Combine all the above into an automated and integrated system, and the result is the most energy efficient and environmentally sustainable lighting and climate control system in the industry.

The Adaptiiv System was designed to significantly lower your facility operating cost, reduce your labor requirements, and increase your bottom line.

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Our Services

Providing tailored solutions that meet your needs as cannabis facility owners & operators. We combine our deep domain around engineering and cultivation to guide you through the process, from facility design and load calculations, through system start-up & commissioning. We are not an equipment vendor; we are an end-to-end commercial solutions provider and partner.


AGT's deep domain around commercial cannabis and engineering allows us to assist our clients with everything from genetics selection, fertigation system selection, to analyzing below market production/yield output and retrofitting existing cultivation rooms.

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Incentive Program

Our integrated efficient system is often eligible for larger custom incentives from Utility providers. We work directly with your Utility provider to capture the highest amount possible.

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System Start-up and Commissioning

Our team is onsite for the system start-up and commissioning process on every project. We calibrate the entire system specific to our client’s specifications. This is a critical process for any commercial facility and is often times overlooked.

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Facility Design & Engineering

AGT can provide basic MEP services include system piping schematic, system load calculations, light layouts, and system component sizing and selections needed to develop the facility program. Or full facility MEP services for turnkey design, engineering, and submittal.

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Clients About Us

“We are blown away by the lighting system you have developed and truly believe Adaptiiv has a chance to change the entire industry. We have never seen conditions so stable in any of our rooms. Many of our smaller yielders look like they are filling out in a way we never thought possible with these strains. Amazing!”
Benny Carrasco
Central Maine Flower
“I have been seeing plants finish up to 10 days sooner compared to my old lights. There is definitely an increase in overall quality and terpenes. The environment is very stable, and overall electric savings have been noticed.”
George Taylor
Gorilla House Farms
“I've been a systems guy for a long time, and Adaptiiv has thoroughly impressed me with its product suite. The mechanical dehumidification equipment is ideal for cannabis cultivation and uses far less energy than any of the competition. The controls are first class, and the lights are the icing on the cake.  Adaptiiv has a robust, reliable and sustainable system working in harmony.”
owner's representative
87K SF Facility in MA

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