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Our Products

Our next generation of fully patented HVACD, Liquid Cooled LEDs, and revolutionary IoT Control Platform

Liquid Cooled LEDs

Power, Efficiency, Control

The patented AGT1000 and AGT640 are the first purpose-built indoor grow lights with full spectrum and intensity control. Designed to provide the canopy the exact spectrum and DLI required to maximize yield, quality, and terpene profile - while delivering the perfect balance of power and efficiency.

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Dehumidifying AHU

The most innovative commercial cannabis HVACD system on the market

The patented AGT Dehumidifying Air Handler (DAHU) units combine Dehumidification, Cooling, and Supplemental Heating into a single unit. Our built-in energy recovery module, combined with our integrated liquid cooled light system, provides unparalleled environmental control and efficiency.

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IoT Facility Controls

System Automation & Management (SAAM)

System Automation & Management (SAAM) is the industry’s first true industrial IoT controls platform - SAAM is a full facility management system integrating environmental controls, BMS, and seed-to-sale. SAAM allows owners and operators to consolidate their entire cultivation facility under a single platform.

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