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Product Information

Patent# 9857068

Our patented multi-bar design provides the optimal coverage area for both veg and flower rooms. The AGT1000 & AGT640 are designed for seamless integration with the SAAM control platform – allowing cultivators and operators to easily control spectrum, intensity, DLI, and light scheduling for every room in their facility.

Deliver the most efficient PPFD without the waste heat


Full Spectrum & Intensity Control

Real-time adaptive adjustments to deliver the precise amount of usable light and intensity (PPFD).

Customized and consistent recipes per genetic variety and growth stage to optimize the plant expression and yield.

Lowers average lighting (kWhr) consumption throughout grow cycle, manage appropriate DLI (Daily Light Integral).


Remove light waste heat from grow environment

Removes up to 90% of the waste heat from the grow environment.

Significantly reduce the total cooling load (sensible load).

Leaves primarily photon energy in the grow room used by plants.


Re-purpose captured light waste heat

The light waste heat is captured and re-purposed in other parts of the cultivation system.

Used for reheat in dehumidification process in our HVACD units.

Re-purposed for supplemental heating in other grow rooms (lights off).


Single-Tier & Multi-Tier

1000W is ideal for single-tier flower rooms and applications that seek to optimize their genetics with a fully modulating LED fixture with depth penetration into the canopy.

640W is the ideal production fixture for multi-tier applications. Removing the waste heat from the lights prevents heat stratification and micro-climates.

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Spectrum & Intensity (PPFD) Control

Adaptiiv's AGT1000 and AGT640 provide cultivators with an unprecedented amount of control and customization. With 4 unique channels (white, blue, red, far-red), cultivators can tailor specific lighting recipes based on growth stage and genetics.

Below are example spectrum settings our clients use in various growth stages:

Seamless control with SAAM
  • 4 individual channels to adjust (5%-100%) - White, Blue red, Far-red
  • Full grow cycle light scheduling
  • Save, store, and re-use recipes by genetic/strain
Frequently Asked questions

Learn more about the Adaptiiv LEDs

Why should I choose liquid cooled LED fixtures?
LED fixtures, by nature, run much cooler than high intensity discharge (HID) lighting.  However, there is still a significant amount of heat that is radiated from the fixture that ends up in the grow room as waste heat.  This heat builds up and addsto the HVAC’s sensible (cooling) capacity demand.  By removing this waste heat directly from the fixtures, the sensible load is decreased, and the only energy left in the grow room is photon (light) energy that drives plant growth.

Water has a higher heat capacity than air, which means it “absorbs” heat better than air.  This equates to the most efficient way to transfer heat energy from a heat-generating source (i.e., lights).  The main reason for light emitting diode (LED) failures is from overheating. Being able to directly remove the heat with the most efficient heat transfer medium (water/liquid) means that the lifetime expectancy of the diodes is significantly increased when the fixtures run cooler.  

This fact alone provides Adaptiiv with a more efficient LED grow light and how we are able to capture greater CapEx incentives from the utility providers than competing (air/ambient cooled) LED fixtures.
How much heat is removed from the liquid cooled LED fixtures?
Liquid cooling the fixtures removes up to 90% of the waste heat directly from the diodes and boards.  This achieves a 40% reduction in heat radiation into the grow room compared to competing air/ambient LED fixtures.  

This equates to a heat removal of ~380 watts (1297 BTU/hr) for the AGT1000w, and ~260 watts (887 BTU/hr) for the AGT640w.
Other companies state they have spectrum control. What is different with Adaptiiv LED fixtures?

We wanted to provide the operator with the ability to control the intensity and the full spectrum with nearly infinite possible combinations to optimize every growth stage and genetic variety.  

Offering growers the ability to dial-in each channel for White, Blue, Red, and Far-Red truly makes the Adaptiiv LEDs the ultimate grow lights for production and R&D cannabis cultivation.  

Ask our team for the most popular light spectrum settings our clients use for each growth stage!Adaptiiv’s LED fixtures have a true spectrum control that allows the operator to precisely tune each of the four (4) independent channels of light spectrum.  Most competing companies have preset spectrum options or offer add-on LED bars that limit overall control and flexibility.
How do I control the spectrum and intensity?
Adaptiiv LEDs are controlled with a DMX 512 controller that is provided with the fixtures.  The DMX Amplifier is connected to the main control panel with the SAAM IoT Facility Controls to remotely control each zone of fixtures from a central dashboard and program nearly infinite spectrum and intensity control programs for strain-specific and repeatable results.

Manual control dials of the individual spectrum channels are also on-board if preferred.
What type of tubing is used?  Will these pipes leak?  Will it cause harm to the plants?
PEX tubing is what we recommend using for ease of installation, reliability for long term applications, reduced thermally conductive maintains fluid temperature in the pipe instead of radiating out, and is designed to prevent leaks and hold a tight seal around all fittings.  

Though PEX is not prone to leaking, nearly all of the potential leaks occur at the joints. Very seldom is there a leak.  Should there be a leak, the pipes only contain distilled water and shall not cause phototoxicity or harm to the plant canopy or medium.  Repairing a leak is efficient and easy with PEX tubing.
What is the fluid in the pipes connected to the LED lights?
Distilled water is pumped through the system witha gentle 0.35 GPM flow rate for the AGT1000 and 0.24 GPM flow rate for the AGT640.  Water and propylene glycol mix can also be used in situations where freezing is a concern.  As long as the heat energy from the lights can be repurposed in the cultivation facility (such as reheat in dehumidifiers, hot water fan coils, irrigation pre-heat, or water heaters for sinks/showers), there is a limited requirement to run pipes to building exterior to reject the heat.  This limits the situations where freezingis a concern, so the vast majority of our installations only require distilled water as the fluid in the light loop piping.
Do I need to insulate the pipes?  What is the temperature of the light loop?
The light loop piping does not need to be insulated as it operates between 95°F and 110°F for optimal heat removal and performance in reheat process.  The PEX tubing has low thermal conductivity and does not radiate the fluid temperature through the outer layer.  This maintains the fluid temperature inside the pipe.
Does a specialized plumbing contractor need to install the lights?
The tubing and fittings used are designed to be installed simply without prior experience or knowledge.  We do recommend a professional plumbing contractor connect the piping to the lights, the heat exchanger, and the DAHU.
Are the LED fixtures waterproof?  What is the IP rating?
The fixture is completely IP65 rated as dust tight and waterproof.  Power can control cable sare also waterproof with threaded connections.
Can I make the spectrum and intensity adapt to the growth stage?
Yes, this is the holy grail in systems automation and management with repeatable and scalable results harvest after harvest.  Contact us today for proven spectrum andintensity settings!

Your operating procedures and parameters will evolve as you dial-in your genetics and overall recipe outside of the lighting and environment.  With Adaptiiv equipment, you are giving your facility the best possible chance for repeatability and optimization.
Can I install the lights only?  Or do I need to integrate it with the Dehumidifying Air Handler Units (DAHU)?
Yes, the Adaptiiv LEDs are a true game changer and the ultimate retrofit solution.  By simply removing the waste heat from the lights, you can immediately reduce your HVAC sensible (cooling) capacity demand in any grow room.  This heat can be rejected with a simple heat exchanger located at the room or building exterior.  

The ultimate solution for integration, energy recovery, and energy efficiency is to utilize the heat energy for reheat in the dehumidification process.  This is the best way to reduce operational expenses by +-50% compared to a traditional HPS/HVAC system.
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