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System Automation & Management (SAAM)


The next generation of cannabis facility control platforms

Evolve beyond the current industry standard of basic controls and one-way data feedback used in facilities today with Adaptiiv’s industrial-grade SAAM controls platform for true facility automation and management.  This is the perfect solution for owners and operators with a single cannabis facility and also those with multiple facilities that are seeking to integrate and standardize from one controls platform.  

We don’t source outside components and attempt to re-create the proper Sequence of Operations and programming from project to project – saving our clients a significant amount of time any money.


Operate an Entire Cultivation Facility from a Single Platform

Full Building Management System (BMS) and Environmental Controls Platform.

It’s designed to reduce labor, decrease human error, increase repeatability of successful harvests, and provide owners and operators an unprecedented amount of visibility and control over their entire facility


Automatically Control your Environment

SAAM is designed to automatically target VPD. As your grow environment changes throughout the grow cycle - SAAM “speaks” to the equipment systems with specific operating instructions in order to hold VPD set-point.


Real-Time Data Trending & Analytics

SAAM provides cultivators with an unpresented amount of environmental visibility. Our custom System Health Dashboard provides real-time key metrics for each grow room (VPD, RH, Temp, CO2 PPM and more). Trend utility usage reports, environmental data, and much more.

Unlimited ability to store data points on a daily basis (everything from environmental to mechanical, electrical and plumbing). On-site data storage with optional Cloud storage.


Industrial Security, Monitoring, and Diagnostic Protocols

24/7 remote monitoring, feedbacks and alerts, pre-programmed fail-safe modes.

Real-time equipment/component diagnostics for failures or malfunction (all assets). Real-time alerts for rooms outside of set-points (automated text, email, phone call). Fault Detection diagnostics.

Security access protocols and “level” based access for employees.

How it works

A True IoT Controls Platform

A network of grow room sensors feed the environmental conditions to SAAM which then automatically drives the equipment to adapt and operate at certain conditions to maintain your custom environment set-points.

This is critical for non-static environments - as your grow room canopy expands throughout the grow cycle the environmental conditions and plant requirements in the grow room change substantially: humidity, temp, light Intensity, CO2, water consumption, transpiration rate, and fertigation requirements.

SAAM’s software uses complex PID Loops (proportional, integral and derivative algorithm) to target multiple variables, simultaneously, that allow the system to target and hold VPD.

SAAM is also managing the amount of dehumidification, cooling, heating, fertigation delivery and light intensity to maintain a specific VPD dead band (ex. 1.2 - 1.4) - all done automatically with no human interaction with the equipment.

Custom Home Page and Dashboards
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Frequently Asked questions

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Does SAAM have the ability to integrate with my preferred Fertigation System?
Yes, any Fertigation system that is BACnet compatible can be integrated and controlled through the SAAM Control Platform.
Does Adaptiiv have 24/7 servicing options available post-installation, start-up & commissioning
Yes, we have the capability of providing most servicing options remotely (i.e. software updates, troubleshooting, etc.). We also provide our clients with access to local servicing contractors should hardware components need to be fixed or replaced.
What type of Warranty is provided for the SAAM Control Platform?
All hardware components (sensors, ball valves etc.) carry a 2-year Warranty. All Labor for servicing and maintenance is covered under a 1-year Warranty.
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