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CNA Stores, Inc

Veteran-owned cannabis company, is revolutionizing the industry with its cutting-edge, energy efficient, fully integrated cultivation system in their new flagship 55,000 sq.ft. facility.

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ith their state-of-the-art Adaptiiv Integrated Cultivation system and commitment to excellence, CNA Stores, Inc. is positioning itself as an industry leader in cannabis cultivation. By combining cutting-edge technology with their expertise and dedication, they are poised to revolutionize the way cannabis is grown and deliver exceptional products to consumers.

Scope of Project
  • 640W Liquid Cooled LED (1300 Fixtures)
  • Titan Series DAHU units (20 Units)
  • System Automation & Management (SAAM)
Image of facility electrical systemsImage of facility HVAC systemImage of facility electrical systemsImage of facility outsideImage of facility inside
Technology Stack

Fully Integrated Building Management System (BMS) and Environmental Controls Platform

(4) 250 Ton Chiller Plants
(1,300) LED Fixtures
(20) AGT 6,400 CFM DAHU Units
(3) Boiler Units
(3) Fertigation Tanks
(1) Dry Cooler
(3) Heat Exchangers
(20) CO2 Injectors
(52) Trane Ancillary HVAC Units
(164) Ball Valves
(100+) Temperature, Humidity and Water Flow Meters/Sensors

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Central Plant

SAAM system view of full plant
plant icon


SAAM system view of fertilizer plants
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Ancillary HVAC

Total OpEx Reduction
Compared to traditional HPS/HVAC
HVAC Energy Reduction
51% Total CapEx
Highest Incentive Captured
Total CapEX
293.59 kWh/Canopy
Estimated Annual Energy Savings
Compared to traditional HPS/HVAC

Hard Stats of the system in action

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Other companies offer an "integrated solution", what makes Adaptiiv different?
They key difference between other "integrated solutions" and Adaptiiv is that we manufacture our own patented equipment and technology.  The entire system was designed from the ground up specifically for cannabis cultivation (not vegetables). Meaning our equipment was designed to handle the unique performance demands required for indoor cannabis cultivation. We do not source key components (Lights, HVACD, Controls) from other vendors.
How is Adaptiiv able to capture up to 51% CapEx incentives from utility providers when I am currently capturing 15-20%?
The liquid cooled LEDs are more energy efficient than standard air/ambient cooled LED fixtures.  This gives additional savings immediately.  However, when the light waste heat can be recovered AND repurposed for another process in the facility instead of rejected to atmosphere, the overall system efficiency is second-to-none and captures the most points of CapEx incentives available. 

Competing liquid cooled LEDs are able to recover the waste heat energy but this heat is rejected or stored.  Being able to utilize the heat energy for dehumidification/reheat in real-time reduces or eliminates total energy rejection which equates to the highest possible CapEx incentives.

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