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Adaptiiv Grow Technologies is more than an equipment vendor. We provide the most comprehensive product and service offerings that are tailored specifically for large scale commercial cannabis cultivation.

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ur team of experts has years of experience helping clients bring their vision to reality. We offer a wide range of complimentary services that help streamline the design and construction process.

Building a commercial cannabis facility, is more often than not, complicated and convoluted. Typically, each equipment vendor will provide a basic single-component layout or budgetary estimate and then remove themselves from the design & engineering phase, leading to a long and challenged engineering & construction process.

Why Choose Us?
  • Reduces the risk of crop loss
  • Increases overall quality and product consistency
  • Decreases labor
  • Significantly reduce your overall operating cost
  • Generates critical environmental and light recipe data points

Frequently Asked Questions

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Other companies offer an "integrated solution", what makes Adaptiiv different?
They key difference between other "integrated solutions" and Adaptiiv is that we manufacture our own patented equipment and technology.  The entire system was designed from the ground up specifically for cannabis cultivation (not vegetables). Meaning our equipment was designed to handle the unique performance demands required for indoor cannabis cultivation. We do not source key components (Lights, HVACD, Controls) from other vendors.
How is Adaptiiv able to capture up to 51% CapEx incentives from utility providers when I am currently capturing 15-20%?
The liquid cooled LEDs are more energy efficient than standard air/ambient cooled LED fixtures.  This gives additional savings immediately.  However, when the light waste heat can be recovered AND repurposed for another process in the facility instead of rejected to atmosphere, the overall system efficiency is second-to-none and captures the most points of CapEx incentives available. 

Competing liquid cooled LEDs are able to recover the waste heat energy but this heat is rejected or stored.  Being able to utilize the heat energy for dehumidification/reheat in real-time reduces or eliminates total energy rejection which equates to the highest possible CapEx incentives.

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